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Riviera Beverages is a water bottling company that specializes in producing private label bottled water and other cold beverages.

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Although we are located in Southern California, we have been catering to the needs of clients all over the U.S. and overseas markets since 2009.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Why should I customize bottles: A different perspective

Power of an image

“A picture speaks a thousand words” is not just an expression, what we see has an important role in what we think and feel. When we see an image of a baby smiling or a due sprinkled flower what do we feel? A sense of pleasantness, the sensation fills us. Repulsion ensues when gazing upon an unpleasant scene which garners an emotional response.

Make them feel Special

Everyone likes to be treated specially, it may be just a simple gesture but the ramifications may be substantial.  A simple compliment to a new acquaintance you meet makes an impression and stands out from the crowd, when someone feels a pleasantness of emotion, it tends to register. The next time, identification is instant. Similarly, a personalized water bottle may be a simple gesture but the visual identification stands out as the brand and the individual stand out.

The physiological effect

We see countless images on a day to day basis, how many actually creates an impression, very few, why? They are iterations of things we’ve already seen before, during special occasions and business events; something out of the ordinary catches the eye immediately, seeing a personal brand label or a message on a usual item such as a water bottle.

Effect on emotion

People may forget something they’ve seen but not something they’ve felt. There’s constant bombardment of ads and brands everywhere, to stand out there’s a need to get creative and reach out to people at a personal level. Make a statement with personalized water bottles check out designs now at www.rivierabeverages.com

Friday, 23 May 2014

Recycle, for a Better Future

As a culture, we are more environmentally aware than ever - but sometimes, we wonder if we're doing enough. Truth be told, we can't do everything - but we can recycle. Three ways to recycle in your every day life include:

• Use the recycling bin at public establishments (Starbucks has one - use it!)

• Use your city-issued recycling bin at home for plastics, glass bottles and paper products

• Buy from companies that practice environmental responsibility

One such company is Riviera Beverages, of course! We use recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which are widely known to be environmentally responsible bottling materials. In fact, using recycled rPET and PET equals lightweight bottles with 50% less plastic than the standard water bottle. That's remarkable! If the event you want customized water bottles for is an environmentally conscious corporate or charity event - or, you want personalized water bottles for a green wedding - then what better supplier to choose than Riviera Beverages? We offer customization and environmental responsibility; it's a win-win!

Buy customized, environment friendly water bottles at www.rivierabeverages.com - or, feel free to contact us with your questions!

Friday, 16 May 2014

What We Do at Riviera Beverages

In the business world, the term “personal branding” is used quite frequently. In short, it means promoting something that is unique and exclusive about the individual or company. Branding is how today’s businesses make the biggest impression, and at Riviera Beverages, we offer a simple, yet profound way to do this by personalizing water bottles.

Why water bottles? They’re already a necessity when it comes to events and special occasions, so providing your private brand label or a cool message on the bottle is a sure way of getting noticed.

During Special Events

Unique art work or a personal note on water bottles sends a positive message – and make no mistake, it also sends a message of inclusion and a sense of personal connection.


During weddings, couples focus on making every little detail special. Extra care is exercised while choosing the menu, so why not let that attention to detail extend to the water? Quality water is something that is taken for granted, but not at Riviera Beverages. Our watering facilities are FDA approved; the mineral water we bottle is of the highest quality standards.

Private Labeled Water

In business, the key to repeat customers is personal initiatives that make the customers believe that they are valuable to the company. Companies can offer labeled water bottles as an incentive, and the impression it creates will be reciprocated by the customer by giving more business.

Environmentally Conscious Events

Galas and conferences are generally focused on a specific issue. A custom label regarding the issue is a powerful way to send across the message to each participant. If it’s an awareness event about the environment, you can print a message on the bottle, “This bottle is made out of recycled plastic,” as Riviera Beverages uses recycled plastic. There are tons of ideas!

For competitive pricing on different bottles and labels, visit www.rivierabeverages.com

Friday, 9 May 2014

Personalized Water Bottles that Work for Your Event

“Water, water, everywhere, not a drop to drink” may have been the case centuries ago, but not in the present day. Thanks to modern day marketization and the environmental conscientiousness of consumers, water is a sustainable resource that is sold freely.

What is the image that comes to our minds when we think of drinking water? Water bottles, right? Pretty much! Plastic water bottles are our “unsung sidekick” now; for most of us, it has become impossible to imagine our life without water bottles. In fact, it has become expected for event hosts to provide bottled water to guests. If you are hosting an event, you need to provide your guests water anyways – so why not personalize the bottles to leave a lasting impression?

Branding Water

Special occasions such as weddings, charity galas and business events call forth a need for cases upon cases of water bottles; it just makes sense to go that extra mile for a personal touch. You can personalize water bottles with:

• Your brand name, if you are a company

• Your personal names, if you are a bride and groom

• The name of your event, if you are hosting a charity fundraiser

Environmentally Sound

Are you or your organization worried about environmental impact? The good news is, Riviera Beverages uses recycled plastic bottles and quality mineral water on its personalized water bottles.

At Riviera Beverages, we make personalized water bottles that work for your event. Contact us today to learn more!