Friday, 30 May 2014

Why should I customize bottles: A different perspective

Power of an image

“A picture speaks a thousand words” is not just an expression, what we see has an important role in what we think and feel. When we see an image of a baby smiling or a due sprinkled flower what do we feel? A sense of pleasantness, the sensation fills us. Repulsion ensues when gazing upon an unpleasant scene which garners an emotional response.

Make them feel Special

Everyone likes to be treated specially, it may be just a simple gesture but the ramifications may be substantial.  A simple compliment to a new acquaintance you meet makes an impression and stands out from the crowd, when someone feels a pleasantness of emotion, it tends to register. The next time, identification is instant. Similarly, a personalized water bottle may be a simple gesture but the visual identification stands out as the brand and the individual stand out.

The physiological effect

We see countless images on a day to day basis, how many actually creates an impression, very few, why? They are iterations of things we’ve already seen before, during special occasions and business events; something out of the ordinary catches the eye immediately, seeing a personal brand label or a message on a usual item such as a water bottle.

Effect on emotion

People may forget something they’ve seen but not something they’ve felt. There’s constant bombardment of ads and brands everywhere, to stand out there’s a need to get creative and reach out to people at a personal level. Make a statement with personalized water bottles check out designs now at


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