Friday, 12 September 2014

Tips for a Better Custom Label

When you send us the artwork for the labels on your customized bottled water, there are some ways to ensure that the final result looks the way you want it to. Here are some tips for a better customized water bottle:

Spend time on your design. If you are creating your own design with computer software or a web-based design tool, spend an appropriate amount of time and make sure you are completely satisfied with your creation. Creating the labels for your customized bottled water is an investment in your event, and that warrants your time and attention.

High resolution images only. One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating any design – whether the design is for a website, a t-shirt or a customized water bottle label – is submitting low resolution or poor quality images. Doing this will almost surely result in an outcome you aren’t happy with: a blurry, grainy or washed-out photo. If you want to use a photo on your label, choose or create a high resolution image for your design. If your camera doesn’t have a high resolution setting, borrow one or hire a professional photographer to shoot your image.

Check it, and check it again. It’s always best to do a quality check on something you write, and that includes a customized water bottle label. Ask someone who knows their stuff when it comes to spelling and grammar to make sure the text on your label is error free. There’s nothing worse than paying for a shipment of items that contain errors, so do a quality check on you customized bottled water label to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

These are simple steps you can take to ensure a better label design. Doing these things can help your recipients enjoy their customized bottled water even more.


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