Sunday, 17 August 2014

Can Private Bottled Water be Resold?

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Yes, it can! Although we spend a great deal of time talking about the benefits of using our labeled bottled water as a promotional item or hospitality tool, we want you to know that it can also be resold if you are a business that is permitted to engage in resale activities. In fact, that’s exactly why we offer special pricing just for distributors. Here are some business models for which reselling our private bottled water could be appropriate:
  • Hotels, casinos and resorts
  • Gyms and other fitness facilities
  • High end supermarkets
  • Cafés and bakeries
These are just a few of the businesses where it would be completely acceptable to sell your own private bottled water, as opposed to giving it away as a promotional tool. It’s a great way to supplement your existing revenue, and in a sense, you’re still using the bottles as promotional tools because some people are bound to reuse them.
But what should you do if you have concerns about the sales potential of the product? We have an easy solution that makes sense for every business: Just make your first order a small one. At Riviera Beverages, we allow you to make low minimum orders; after all, we want you to have a great experience no matter how many you are able to sell. If you sell them quickly, you can order another shipment; it’s no problem, because there is no reorder charge applied! If your business needs an additional revenue stream, place a small order for some private bottled water with your own custom labels that you can sell to your customers. You never know what could happen; it just might be a hit!


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