Friday, 29 August 2014

When Do Sports Teams Need Labeled Bottled Water?

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There are a wide variety of sports organizations that can benefit from their own private label bottled water. Here are the most prominent examples:

Major league teams - NFL, MLB and NBA teams are just a few examples of nationally recognized sports organizations that order bottled water with their own logos on them. This is especially a good move in regions where the team is a culture unto itself. Sometimes, the team actually participates in our distributor program and resells cases of water to local businesses, so they can share in the profits.

Local teams - Local minor league teams can do this too; for example, local minor league baseball or hockey teams may want to distribute to businesses that will sell water bottles with the team logo on them. It’s also an outstanding program for high school and college teams, because the schools can generate much-needed revenue this way. They may also want to sell the bottles at their concession stands; bottled water with the school’s logo on it is a great alternative to ordinary bottled water!

Youth leagues - City leagues, private Little League teams and other youth sports organizations can do great things with private label bottled water. Each team can have their own labels, or there can be a single label for the league. Our distributor program allows organizations to pay lower prices for our high quality, labeled water bottles so that they can resell them for profit. It’s an excellent fundraising tool for leagues, especially when they are sold at the concession stand.

These are just some of the incredible opportunities for sports teams who take advantage of our distributor program. To learn more, contact Riviera Beverages today; we will be glad to answer your questions before you place your first order!


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